Value-Added Billing

SRS leads the way in innovative billing.....

Our firm was founded in 1989 upon the foundation of providing the highest quality of legal services at a fair price.  We still abide by that philosophy today.

In the new millennium times are changing.  Insurance carriers, like every other business, need to achieve more for less cost.  Unlike most law firms, we at Smith, Rolfes & Skavdahl not only understand but embrace that philosophy wholly.  We view ourselves as a part of your team in the insurance profession.

Smith, Rolfes & Skavdahl pioneered one of the first successful flat-rate fee programs in the United States.  Our innovative approach to flat-fee billing allows us to share with our clients the statistical information needed to determine an accurate flat-fee agreement and to know on a file-by-file basis whether the flat-fee program is operating efficiently.  We also work with our clients on an annual or semi-annual basis to adjust flat fees, upward or downward, based upon the actual time metric analysis of work performed.

We also believe in value-added billing.  Quite simply put, if our clients do not believe we have generated value on a legal assignment handled by our firm, we want you to tell us and we will adjust any fee appropriately to meet your concerns.  Why do we do this?  Most of the clients we have the privilege of representing today have been clients of our firm for nearly 20 years.  We have no desire to make a “fast buck” or a quick profit.  Our relationship with you is intended from the start to be a long-term relationship built upon integrity, trust, and open communication.  Fair and equitable billing practices are a foundation to building a long-term relationship.

We are also at the forefront of new and innovative billing programs.  We are willing to meet with any client at any time to discuss reverse contingent fees, incentive-based billing programs, and other approaches to meet the changing legal and financial needs of the insurance industry.  You will find few law firms which have a better history or more willingness to work innovatively with our clients to achieve mutual success.